New Technology, Startup & Financing

While You Build Your Company, We Build Your Future

 With the rise in new technology and startup companies, there has been an increased need for lawyers to help structure unique financing deals. At Waldheger • Coyne we take the guesswork out of structuring financial investment structures, and creating practical contracts for particular client needs, such as consulting, licensing, and royalty agreements.

We counsel clients on all legal aspects involved in building a new business from the ground up. We have years of experience in mergers and acquisitions, which lends itself perfectly to helping new technology and startup companies navigate their way and manage their growth potential. You focus on your business, and we will focus on registering, protecting, and monetizing your intellectual property.

Areas of Experience: New Technology, Startup & Financing

  • Structuring financing deals
  • Consulting agreements
  • End-user agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Royalty agreements