Who We Are

After spending years building and managing a large firm, Ron Waldheger and Mike Coyne wanted to create something different. By taking their proven track records and using them to develop a boutique law firm that put clients first, Waldheger • Coyne was born.

By removing the costs associated with larger law firms, our lawyers can do what they do best in a way that is customized for each and every client. Our goal is to build strong personal and professional relationships with our clients while finding the most pragmatic and cost-effective solutions to even the most sophisticated legal cases.

Our team of professional lawyers represents hundreds of individual and corporate clients in a variety of major industries, including family law, business, media, manufacturing, sales, distribution, healthcare, professional services, employment law, estate planning, and more. Once we begin working with a client, our relationship frequently evolves into a trusted business friendship where we stand ready to help when and if an issue arises.

We are conveniently located off I-90 in Westlake, Ohio, making our office accessible to our clients. When it comes to building efficiencies, we do everything we can to take the complexities out of legal situations to focus on what is most important to you.

How We Began

Ron Waldheger and Mike Coyne formed Waldheger • Coyne in 1992. Their goal was to create a close, personal firm with only top-flight attorneys who could easily relate to each other and loved working with clients. Their goal was to avoid the economics of many large firms which tended to make their services less personal and more expensive.